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16° C

Visibility: 16 km Wind speed: 13 kph
Pressure: 102.40 kpa Wind direction: ESE
Humidity: 67 % Wind Chill: 16° C

16° C

Visibility: 16 km Wind speed: 13 kph
Pressure: 102.10 kpa Wind direction: E
Humidity: 72 % Wind Chill: 16° C

18° C

Visibility: 16 km Wind speed: 22 kph
Pressure: 101.90 kpa Wind direction: E
Humidity: 72 % Wind Chill: 18° C

Stockholm weather is classified as temperate; this is due to the city’s northerly latitude as well as the influence of the Gulf Stream. Yet, despite its temperate leanings, the argument remains that Stockholm weather is bordering on the humid continental and oceanic zones.

Summer is a particularly fine time to be in Stockholm, as conditions are predominantly pleasantly warm. In sharp contrast, Stockholm weather patterns during winter change dramatically, remaining rather cold and chilly for most of the season.

Understandably, inland weather in Stockholm is warmer and milder than the mountainous regions, where Sub-Arctic conditions not only dominate but also outweigh the rest. Stockholm’s northerly latitude of the of daylight, with the city experiencing anywhere in excess of 18 hours during midsummer to a mere 6 hours in late December.

An interesting phenomenon typical of Stockholm weather is the recurring change in the length of day and night. As a general rule, throughout midwinter darkness triumphs. These dark days and nights are called The Polar Nights. Throughout midsummer, daylight dominates the scene and there is barely any night darkness during the months of June and July. This phenomenon is called the Midnight Sun.

Summer weather in Stockholm
Stockholm weather during the summer season is characteristically warm and sunny, and at times even becoming hot. Average daily temperature highs are between 20–22 °C for the months of June right through to August; however it’s not unusual for mercury to make a sudden ascent reaching 30 °C. Meantime, daytime lows average 13 °C, with moderately insignificant rainy weather. Precipitation levels are at a high during the month of August, averaging 61cm of rainfall accompanied by some humidity. Annual rainfall levels are 539 mm, with Stockholm experiencing roughly 170 damp days with light rain throughout the year.

Winter weather in Stockholm
Stockholm weather during winter is cold and snowy, with January and February being the coldest months. Average daily temperatures range from -5 to 1 °C, rarely dropping to a freezing −15 °C, or even lower. During the months of December and January a mere six or seven hours of daylight is experienced, as sunset begins at around three or four in the afternoon.

Snowfall mainly occurs from December through to March; however Stockholm weather is such that while a number of winters are characterized by an abundance of snow, others are milder with more wet weather than snow.

Weather in Stockholm during spring and autumn is usually cool to mild.

The seasonal weather changes in Stockholm are remarkably distinctive and varied, with the winter solstice festivities taking place towards the end of December each year.

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